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Hey yall,
When i had my injury at work, i had 2 areas affected on me.
When i stepped in the hole, my ankle turned, and i twisted my back.
So i am in pain from middle back down..........That burning pain all over is awful. I took a nap last nite, and the pain in my knee woke me up.
I have only learned i had RSD about 3 months ago....if that.
I have had 3 nerve blocks done........steroid injections.
The first one left my upper leg numb for about 8 hours and the right hip pain free for 2 days. The 2nd & 3rd injections......did nothing but leave me in more pain.
I went for another series of blocks. The first was 3 days ago, a different area this time in the ganglia nerves and a higher dose of meds.
That did nothing..........still have burning pain.
My left foot, my right leg, both hips, lower back........and now left upper leg.
The Dr. who did the nerve block said he was going to talk to my DR. and have a MRI done on my back..........about time!!!!!!

The first time i went to DR after the injury......i told them i had a burning pain going up my leg........and my back was burning.
Seems i had nerve damage right from the start.

I went thru 8 to 10 DR's When the last one had a Bone scan done....which showed the RSD.
That was at my 6 month injury mark.

When does this shiny skin start to happen? And in RSD cases does the affected part also get shiny?
My affected limb stays swelled....but the swelling gets worse...then goes back down. EXP. my ankle measured 50...with the bad swelling measured 60. Im going to P.T. and now they are using hot and 'COLD' treatments...i told them cold is bad for RSD.........but DR. ordered. Im taking lyrica
and percocet. Im waiting for this DR. to get 'real' and start me on different pain treatments..........i told the DR that did the nerve DR. said that nerve blocks was the ONLY TREATMENT.
I need a RSD doctor........and hope to have one soon.

Thanks yall,

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