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RSD does spread and mine has progressed over sixteen years to inflamation and deep itch in both legs (although diagnosed bilaterally) it is murder on top of which it burns like a fire. Do not be put off by the lack of knowledge, I think there are medical people out there who do not fully understand the prognosis or simply do not want to research it.
Hi There, Yes, I have been battling a long time but never as much as I have in the last few years. I have had some methylprednisilone (steroid)infusions, which for at least the first month after, my legs and feet look back to normal! I have had also a lot of chemical sympathectomies into my spine. These have had varying results and certainly help the pain. My last was in February and up until the last month, I had a lower level of pain but the swelling in my legs and feet returned about 3 months ago. I am now (July 16th) back to square one - the legs itch and are badly swollen, they are red, as if I had sunburnt them! I have to put on Eurax cream which stops the itching for so long, so many hours then it returns. In the night, you scratch without knowing. My chiropodist has said she hopes I do not develop leg ulcers and encourages me to wear my thigh length support stocking, which drive me mad by seven in the evening and off they come!!! My feet are so swollen some days it is difficult to get my shoes on. It has taken a number of years for my legs to reach this stage and I used to wonder why my pain consultant always used to feel my ankles! RSD is progressive and thankfully all does not come at once!

I have had good care from my pain consultant, who manages my medicine regime and brings in any new drugs which he thinks may help. This is private treatment and I question what quality and level of understanding I might have received from out National Health Service, which is so stretched to deliver.

Hope this is helpful.

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