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Yes I am all over the alternative medicine and it is too bad that the two cannot meet in the middle and supplement each other. I think it would help people a lot better. Then again sometimes it is about money and opinions and the patient seems to get lost in the shuffle. My friend goes to an indian doc. and he was the one that told her all scs does is shift the bad energy from one system to another- that was before she told him it had spread.
I am glad you found alternative ways and I am looking that way as well and am combining the two. I am having such a bad day today with pain that it is 10:30 and I am already almost 2x the amount on a normal day. Both my feet are fighting the stim and I have lesions all over my upper body and some on my face. The infections are crazy and I have had some type of cold/sinus infection that keeps coming back. My immunity is down bigtime. I am now at the point where I am so mad and scared and confused all at the same time. Before I could walk quite a bit ( from one room to the other and throughout the day and now both the feet are going downhill). My daughter asked me when I was going to be out of my wheelchair and I always thought this was temporary- and it could be but I am not felling so sure anymore. I thought by now I would be all set and things would be calmed and now once again all treatments are being taken over by this monster. My head was doing really good and I started returning to the land of the living and now I am starting to get that overwhelmed feeling.
I was told not to do acupuncture at this point and that certain things will not work because I am too far along. My eyes are all done. I used to have the best close up vision and now I cannot see for crap. What are we supposed to do when things go south like this? I just hate not having any control over anything. I am going to ask about Prialt and see what the PM has to say about that and then I am going to check on the Ketamine and those seem to be the only chances I have right now. I NEVER even imagined or let myself imagine I would have to be in a chair and now I am not so sure and that scares the crap out of me. That cannot happen and I can and will not except that as the end of it. I am going to keep trying new things but it is hard when all of your doctors give up on you. My husband bought me a journal and I am going to start venting in that. It helps to get it out but I cannot talk about it with my family and am very selective on what I say to friends. I have a few special friends I talk to but that is about it. Everyone leaves though and you cannot blame them because I want to leave myself. I was so optimistic about everything and I am trying to make the best but it is so hard. I have wc court on the 13th and my IME is still not in. He has had it for over a month and a half. I think wc is holding it and I just want something to be finished and resolved. Thank god for my husband, my kids, and a few close friends because without that I would be in a black hole. I am not trying to be negative and I am sorry. Usually I can find the positive in most things but it is getting hard. I think today is just an especially bad day and I need to focus on all of the good and it is my man's b-day so I need to snap out of this funk. Well I am sorry for the vent and I am sorry that the docs. can not understand that you made a mistake-one we have all thought of and I just wish they would give you another chance. Do they think that letting you suffer is going to make you feel better. What do they think that is going to accomplish? I think they should realize that most people with this keep that option in the back of their heads as a bit of a comfort. I do I should not say most I do not think I would ever but the thought is there and sometimes it gets closer to the front of my brain than other times. Healthboards has helped but all the people who helped me and I felt close to do not come on anymore and I just feel like I need to depend less on it. Before it was like an addiction where if I was out all day I could not wait to come back and check.
Well I am rambling and I am sorry I do not mean to be so down. I hope the acupuncture and the chinese doc. keeps helping and to tell you the truth you are on a better track than most who are on/have to be on the conventional path. Hey whatever works right...Good Luck and Thanks for w/b and again sorry about the negativity you know pain will do that to you!!!
Hugs Nikki :angel:

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