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You know I have never put the two together or even though about menstration and how it effects the rsd, but now that you say that I have it now and my rsd flare-up is the worst it has been. This is the first period that I have had with the leg rsd. I have had it in my hand for close to 11 yrs. now and I have never paid attention to whether or not it aggravated things in my arm, but I will watch it and let you know. It has made a difference with my leg but like I said it is the 1st one in the leg and it is worse. I will get back to you again next month and see how it is.
I have never gotten lidocaine infusion but my dr. is looking into ketamine since my rsd is so bad and has spread. Beir block and Stellate were just tried
and were both unsuccessful. Seems to have made matters worse. I would try the lidocaine infusion matter of fact I am going to look into it with my pm doc. Happy Mother's Day to you...and good luck let me know if you do get the infusion and how it goes...thanks...Nikki
Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have had 3 lidocaine infusions, only mine were anywhere from 3 hours long, to 10, depending on the dose. Wonder if the 5 day infusion would work???! Please let me know if you find out more about the 5 day.

Have a great one,

Hi Michelle and welcome to the boards!

Since I got injured in 1999, I haven't had a period. :rolleyes: Don't get me wrong I don't miss them. However, My doc just did my annual blood work, and I am perimenapausal, meaning on the brink. Lately I have been having hot flashes that last for ten minutes!:eek: :blob_fire It is the worst feeling. Take RSD and times it by a 11000!! They last for a good 10 minutes and I am literally dripping in sweat. Sometimes it is so bad (the heat wave) that I throw up.

I can't imagine the symptoms of RSD times 1100!!:eek: I would not wish this on my worst enemy except for a IME doc. Lol. An eye for an eye. I have not had a lidocaiine infusion, however I have had lidocaine injections to alleviate the pain, but they never worked. Is this what your asking?? I sympathise with your monthly cycle, but believe me , the hot flashes are the worst!:blob_fire Good Luck. I hope I helped. Aloha Skooze:)

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