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Hi Tkb,
I am sorry to hear you going through such a horrible time.. Is sounds to me like you have RSD.. Most pts with RSD usually jump form DR to DR before they fine the one DR that diganoses it.. Its not uncommon at all...
I have herniated dics and bulging in my cervical spine.. Thats how my RSD started. Same symtoms, started with bad neck and shoulder pain, numbness down the arm and hand.. ( on my right side).. Then I started with swelling in my right hand.. Just alittle.. Eventually, after yrs of being treated for the herniations. I was diagonosed with the RSD.. I now have in all four extremities. Don't let if fool you when you read up on it.. Just because you may not have all the symtoms doesn't mean you don't have it.. Not everyone gets all the symtoms... The most important thing with RSD is to be treated early... Listen to your gut.. find a dr that will listen and believe you. Even if you have to keep jumping.. Its so important.. It took me 5 drs before I finally found one.. I thought I was losing it.. everytime I would tell them my symtoms they looked at me like I was crazy... Because you spinal injury. I was wondering.. Do you get a weird sensation running down your spine towards your extremities? Its a feeling I cannot explain.. Thats what I started with before all the other symtoms started..
Iam sure you will have alot of response to this.. I hope we all can help you out..
Take care,

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