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Hey Jules,
I have had RSD for over 5 yrs now.. IT has spread to all four extremities.. It started with me injurying my cervical spine.. (herniations).. Then went to the r hand, the l hand, and down the spine to both feet.. January of 06, I went in for a 5 day stay in the hospital for a lidocaine infushion.. It helped so much.. At least I could walk around.. before I couldnt even put have my feet touch the rug.. Since then, I am able to do alot more.. I don't work anymore. Financially its a killer.. I decided I need to take care of myself for my kids.. I am a single mom with 3 teenagers.. Their killing me.. LOL.. To much hormones running around this house.. lol...Since I stopped working that has helped alot.. I can now do a little rest when needed.. I am scheduled for another lidocaine infushion June 11th.. Looking forward to it.. Its actually relaxing.. Laying in the hosptial for 5 days.. You just sleep.. no pain.. its great...
In the past yr. My insurance co had stopped paying for all my treatments.. My lawyer had to file a pip suit.. we finally won.. My symtoms have changed.. I use to have alot of swelling, the skin on the palms of the hands would just peel off.. the burning was so bad.. But I was using ice.. was never told that would make it worse.. until I saw the RSD dr.. now the pain is deep bone pain.. feels like I have the flu all the time.. This is why I cant wait to see how this 2nd lidocaine treatment works for me...
Keep in touch,

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