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I HATE my Doctor
May 16, 2007
I went to see my doc today and by the time I left his office I felt like killing
myself...I am trying to find a new doc because I really don't think this one
knows that much about RSD...

I have RSD in my right leg (from the top of my hip all the way into my foot)
anyway when he walked into his office he said "how you doing" I said "I'm in
pain" he said "Hope up and lets have a look" so I sat on the exam table and he
roughly touched my leg...tears instantly prang to my eyes...then he squeezed
my knee and I sucked in a breath and held it...then he steps back and says
"You have been authorized to start work reconditioning" I said "ok" he said "do
you need any refills" I said "the ultram isn't working and I need more Ambien"
then he asked if I had tried a number of different meds and I said yes to all of them and said that they didn't help either. then he asked if I had tried lyrica and I told him that my previous doc (who I like but he moved out of state) had me on both lyrica and ultram and that they took the edge off the pain.
then he asked if I had ever tried cymbalta and I told him I was on it for depression. then he asked if I had ever tried darvacet(sp?) and I said no.
then I told him I needed him to fill out a C9 for me to be able to see a pain managment doc and he got mad and told me he was a pain doc. then he asked me which one I wanted to see and I told him. then he started talking about the reconditioning program again and I asked him what about the pain and he told me I had to learn to deal with it (which I have been doing for the past 4yrs) then I asked him about the spinal cord stimulator that my previous doc was trying to get approved (from worker's comp) and he said he didn't think it would do me any good because it is mainly for backs and my pain is in my leg (but don't all your nerves run through your spine) then he left the room
when his assistant returned to the room she gave me two perscriptions one for the ambien and one for darvacet. (for some reason he does not believe in
giving anyone more than one med at a time to releive pain.) then she told me that he put in for me to see another pain doc but not the one I wanted to see. so now I have to call my laywer and workers comp and get it straightened out so that I can see the doc I want. then as she lead me up to the front desk to make my next appt she told me about the work reconditioning program and what it was. So starting Mon for the next 6weeks
(I don't see it happening) I have to get up by 7:00a.m and be at the office by 8. then I will have 4hrs of torture. work reconditioning is another word for a 4hr physical therapy session. I just got done with pt and I had a hard time with 20minutes. my leg is in so much pain that I have to use a quad cane to help me walk and that's only for short periods of time. if for example I were to go to the zoo than my husband would have to push me in a wheelchair cause I can't walk for very long. also I am usually sitting with my leg propt up on something. I had already been given a Functional Capacity Test and it showed that I can not do anything physical so I don't see how this work reconditioning program is going to work...I'm not aposed to going back to work I am tired of being home all the time and I could use the money but I don't know what kind of job I could do sitting with my leg up and being able to get up when ever I needed to.
after I walked out of the office I started crying and I called my husband to tell him he could come pick me up and then I called my friend (who also has RSD) and told her I felt like doing something stupid so we talked for a few minutes and when we got off the phone I started hitting the back of my head on the brick wall and started thinking about how I didn't care how selfish I would be if I killed myself (I'm just getting really frustrated with doctors and workers comp---because of the RSD I have really come to HATE doctors and I often feel like they are using me as an experiment) then my husband pulled in and I told him about hitting my head on the wall and he called my phsycologist and made me talk to her. She made me promise that I would call her tomorrow and let her know I was ok and I had to promise not to do anything to myself until after my next appt. with her...

Sorry for my long winded rant but I jsut had a very crappy day :(

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