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wow sounds like youve had a heck of a time. i cant even imagine. especially having the rsd in all four and all the problems at home. youre truely amazing. i really want you to know that! i only have rsd in my L wrist/arm and its very tough for me to deal with. i hate not being able to work. but its like my mood and how i feel is so unpredictable theres no way i could. i had to stop school too, so i understand it feeling like its taking over your life. but i have also realized that you cant let it. you have to find any way you can to get the control back. Ill tell you what if it werent for my faith in God and prayers from everyone i would go crazy. i would be so depressed it wouldnt be funny. but im with ya i think stress can cause a flare up too. it makes ya tense which it turn can cause more pain. and never be sorry for talking or saying how you feel. you werent going on and on, i think thats what this board is for. because people on here can relate to how the others feel. but you cant give up. you have kids that need you in any way they can. you know at one point i was questioning if i should even have kids because of my rsd but then i get slapped out of it and told that i cant let the rsd decide my future and my life. it wouldnt be fair.
but its obvious you are in a tough spot with your boyfriend. on one hand ive always said if you cant see yourself with someone forever then why waste the time with them, but on the other hand i see your dilemma, where how are you going to get along without him. i did notice one thing. you seem like me as in you dont like asking anyone for help then you get frusterated if you end up having to leen on someone even if it is your partner. i always feel bad because i dont work therefore they get left with paying the bills and groceries and things like that. you know i can keep the house up and do things of that nature but it doesnt seem like enough. i hate asking people for help. but once again my loving other half told me that "i will take care of you now and do anything i can for you because i love you and i know you would and will do the same for me when we get the rsd under control." and although i believed it, it was still hard for me to accept that help. but you have to, what other choice do you have. maybe thats the problem, as to why you think you may not really want to be with him. in your mind you feel like hes your care taker or that you think youre taking him for granted (even though you are not). so those feelings of love and passion get pushed into the back and supressed. i dont know im only starting to study pyschology lol. but i think you really do need to be like hey we need to sit down and talk about this. im really struggling with this and we need to work this out now. Im having a problem with the way you are afraid to touch me, like im this fragile thing that is a no touchable. if it does hurt when you do something ill say hey babe not there or whatever. ill let you know but at least give me a chance. its not that i dont appreciate you because i really do. i just want that passion like we should have. when you look at me i want you to see me and not the rsd or a person that you cant touch for fear of hurting. you know what i mean. its just an idea i would hate to find out that rsd ruined a relationship. it pretty much ruins your body dont let it ruin the things on the outside if that makes sense. Sorry i guess im not real good on relationship advice. but ill try. i hope everything works out for you. youve had it rough already you need some peace in your life. hopefully a resolution to this relationship problem with bring that. ill keep you in my prayers.

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