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I noticed you had mentioned 11 yrs.. 11 yrs with RSD.?? God bless ya.. I just have a question.. How did you start out?? Through the yrs has your RSD spread to get you to the point of a wheel chair. I have noticed just in the past yr.. how much my symtoms have changed..
I know getting a wheel chair could feel depressing.. Just try not to use it all the time.. Your body needs to move around.. If you don't work it.. it won't work eventually..[/QUOTE]

I FORCE myself to use my leg.. I pay for it every night but it is all I can do. Im still waiting for my nerve burning to come through W/C. They are sending my pm doc's last examination over to the IME doctor to approve. My "case nurse" said it should notbe a problem at all getting it approved.. im anxious to get it over with and see where i stand once the dust settles.

I will report in with the results. Most of my pain is symp. controlled so this will hopefully work.


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