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Lidocaine infushion is just a IV. Its a 5 day stay in the hospital. Your on the cardiologist floor. Its high doses. unlike the lidocaine patch.. It lowers your heart rate alot. This is why your on the cardio floor hooked to heart monitors.. Basically you do nothing but lay there.. It makes you very tired.. When you come home your send with meds for precaution. Keep you heart beat steady.. I found it to be very affective for me.. I know alot of insurance co won't cover it yet.. Its trial.. My drs big on research for RSD.. Its just really weird that I have never heard or read about anyone who's had it.. Other then the people I met in the hospital who had the same thing.. My dr. said. that alot of people may need it every 3 months for up to a yr.. Then you might not need it for 2-3 yrs.. When I had my last one.. I didn' even have to take any meds after I came home.. Except the preventive meds or my heart... other then that nothing.. It lasted about 2 months. So I know another one would really help me alot.. It didn't stop the spreading. It just stopped the pain.. When I got out.. I really didn't realize how much pain I was in before.. I felt so alive after the first one.. 2nd ones coming soon.. I might have to cancel for my son.. He has to get surgery.. Did you ever hear of this one.???? Urchal.. He is 16 he is leaking fluid out of his navel.. thats infected.. Apparently .. Its an under development at the time he was a fetus.. between 4-5 months.. the cord connects to a tube, then to the badder.. During 4-5 months trimester. the cord is suppose to detach from the tube. and turn into cartlige.. His never did.. So it cause an internal infection.. Without this infection he would of never known.. Its crazy.. I never heard of it before in my life...

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