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Sorry about your friend. I am currently taking Cymbalta 120mg. Methadone 3x daily (which is the best pain med I have ever taken), and oxycodone for breakthrough. I feel that the methadone is better than Fentanyl, Oxycontin, or the Ultram for continous pain relief for me. I was on Ultram years ago and it was good because it is not a narcotic but the withdrawal is horrible. At the time the nurse I had also worked at a drug treatment facility and said that Ultram was harder to detox from than heroin. That is just what heard from her and I have never done heroin so I can not compare. Doc. wants me to start up on Lyrica again but I a holding off because it did nothing for the hand and did not like how it made me feel.
I do not know if they would put your friend on methadone without trying milder ones first but that has given me the most constant and best relief. Hope this helps and sorry to babble...Nikki

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