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Hi, I am a 37 year old who had RSD in ankle back in 2004 and after 3 lumbar sympathetic blocks, it slowly started going away...

For two years I was so happy to be living pain free I did not think or know that RSD is never cured you are just in remission.

In March I suffered a miscarriage after a stressful In vitro fertiliztion pregnancy, the RSD showed up 5 days after my D&C, while I was stretching my leg.

I went immediately for lumbar sympathetic nerve block in April - 3 weeks after start of symptoms, and it just didnt go away...I have had my 4th block this Monday, and am getting scared. I was doing very well until my ankle started acting up and now I am limping around. I had a cane that I was using in 2004 but threw it away, thinking I would never need it again.

The blocks and medications I am on are helping. The Dr says that in this acute stage they hope to "break the cycle of pain" so hopefully the RSD can go away. I have no burning pain, or other symptoms, just sensitivity to cold going up my thigh and ankle pain that feels like hit my funny bone times 50!!!

I had to quit my job this week as I am having trouble walking.

I am really worried.. What else can I do to break this cycle of pain?

How do you know if you have sympathetically mediated pain or sip?
Last time in 2004 I had 3 blocks within 2 months, and after the blocks the pain came back everytime, and I did not think the blocks would work, but after the block wore off the pain came back in a milder form and slowly throughout the weeks following the RSD just started going away. I kept on waiting for it to come back as I thought this was only temporary, but it didnt.

So of course two years later it shows up at the most stressful time in my life.

This time is seems as if the first 2-3 blocks were great, foot warmed up...etc...but my 4th block the warming was minimal, I asked the nurse and she said as long as there is some that is what counts....I have to have two more blocks- for a total of 6 - I don't think they will do anymore.

In the meantime my ankle got strained two weeks ago, partly because I have gained weight due to my inferility treatments and brief pregnancy, and the ankle is a weight bearing joint. So walking is very difficult right now.

I have no other symptoms except ankle pain and sensitivity to cold going up my thigh. Occasional parasthesias, but not much. I am on quite a bit of med's also....can aqua therapy help break the cycle of pain? what about tens unit?

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