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hi,:wave: i have this problem with my elbows. very hard to explain. i have rsd in both hands and forearms up to my elbows.i have had rsd for 1 and 1/2 yearsand 1 month and 15 days. my elbows get very itchy and when i scratch them it hurts like hell and the itch never goes away. i also noticed pates of dry skin on my upper arms that do not feel relief with itching. i use all kinds of creams and still no better. i also get itchy on the ulnar side of my wrists. i have never seen this as a symptom of rsd, anyone know differently?? never thought to mention it to my pm, thought i just was getting dry skin. also, very sweatty. thought maybe menapause but im 41 and i have a twin who doesn't get the sweattyness. any answers???if soo, please reply:blob_fire thank you..:)
I think I had this discussion with Jodom (Jon) in one of his threads but he mentioned that he was itchy too if my memory is working today. I thought this was weird too because lately I am waking with scratch marks on my leg. My foot has been so itchy it is just an itch I cannot sratch. It seems like it is deep inside. This is new for me too. I have never had it in my hand before but the foot is driving me crazy. This is the third person who I have heard now that has had this so I think there might be something to it...No you are not going crazy and if you are I am too because I have never itched like this before...Have a good night Patti...Nikki
Hi Patti, a few months back I had the dry itchy painful elbows too boy did they itch and hurt soo bad..I tried turned out to be exima and my dermitologist gave me a cream that had it cleared up within a few days..if anything ask your PMD about it..good luck

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