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I am so sorry to hear your having a tough time.. Did you just start all these meds? The amitriptylene is a variety of antidepressants. Alot of times when you first start that it can put your head in a fog.. I hear alot people say when they wake in the morning their foggy.. Is that how you feel? Also, the Pregabalin which is generic for Lyrica is a great drug for RSD. It fairly new.. Thats a anticonvulsant drug.. something on the lines of neurotin.. which has been very successful for RSD.. Both of them expecially if you just started them will make you feel like that.. Then you have the anxiety on top of it not knowing.. If you just started these meds.. Don't give up.. It usually takes a while for you body to get use to them... It took me weeks.. I had started lamictal and neurontin at the same time..both on the lines of meds your taking now.. They will be like that for a while.. don't give up on them.. honestly.. alot of people look for fast relief. These meds take time. Its not like taking a perc or oxy and having a quick fix...
As for your epi, sometimes it takes another try before they work too.. It didn't help me but I have met people where the second and third really made some differance..
Don't give up... Keep your head up. They will find something that works for you. Your going to the docs today right? Yes, I would bring your husband. Your not thinking clear right now on these meds. Your anxiety is high. Your confused. You need that other ear their right now. Let him do what he needs to do. You seem like very passive person(nothing wrong with that). I bet you feel like you bother the drs.. Thats how I use to be. Like you feel that you should be better after treatments and they make you feel like your the crazy one.. Well your not, and any dr who is familiar with RSD will know that.. Let your husband speak out for you. Maybe he sees and hears something differant then you.. I think its soooo sweet he wants to be there It just shows how much he cares and loves you...
As you know my mind is crazy at times and I am sure I have asked you this a million times.. How long have you had RSD for.? lol lol
Good luck today at the drs. Let us know how you did. Please don't ever feel bad for coming on here and letting it out.. Don't hide it from your family either or the drs. Its important that they know how you really feel.. I find writing it down helps me out so much.. I have that lawsuit going for my RSD. The last time I went to arbitration I had such a hard time remembering things. So my lawyer suggested writing a journel.. It helps..
Our prayers are with you...
Michelle "Hugs"

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