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I'm having alot of pain again, up most of night with it, my face, jaw, neck, r arm, hand, down r side of back into hip and my r leg. I've been taking Lyrica since beginning of this year, its been titrated down over past week, i'm gonna ask if i should put it up again, i'm confused as i feel more pain again yet i still had pain when it was higher dose, i've also been taking amitriptylene the same amount of time, i do feel foggy as you put it on a morning, that is why i try to refrain from taking drugs which make me dopey on a morning as i need to be conversant on a morning to see to my son as my hubbie is at work 6.30 am. It's a no win situation, i feel torn do i take the meds to help me but live in a world of feeling doped up or do i try to psycologically beet this pain yet feel alert. The latter i think wont work for me as i find i am tetchy, argumentative, fiery, you know what i mean as the pain takes over and i take my frustration out on my loved ones. Ive had rsd for about 3 years although it feels like a lifetime, i really feel its taking over me in more ways than one, i simply am not the same person i used to be, i'm gonna ring the doc's and ask if i should titrate the lyrica back up, i don't go until next monday. I hear what you say, my hubbie is gonna go with me, he is a good listener and what goes in stays in, my head is in bits right now so i think it would be for the best, i am lucky i know to have him he is very loving and caring but i cant help but feel he doesnt deserve this, i know we dont deserve this it turns your life upside down and i try to remain optimistic but its so so hard. Michelle i really dont know how you have been able to tolerate this condition so many years, i suppose i need a kick up the rear, a reality check or something, i sometimes wonder if i am imagining this, but like me you know what it feels like the pain and all, but when you cant see it its harder to explain just what your going through. I remember one of your threads saying at least its not life threatening like the big C or having an arm or leg chopped off but quality of life is so valuable and you just cant put a price on that. I'm trying to jeer myself along today, i've got to pull myself up i have never been so low and i am scared i am getting depressed and i always told myself i would never get that way, so here goes i'm determined to have a better day today. How is your son, did he go into hospital, and have you got a date for your procedure? Hospitals, that word has become a regular in this house, i bet your the same, sorry not going down that road, my hubbie is off work for a couple of weeks in August so we're trying to sort something out for a holiday, i really need some sun badly, perhaps this weather here isnt helping me, my son finishes school in a couple of weeks for the summer term, six weeks he's off so i'll be pulling my hair out, it'll be mum can i have this can we do that, but it might keep my mind occupied. Please don't be offended if i dont come on here as much in the next few weeks but no doubt my son will dominate the computer. I promise i'll try to keep my chin up, hope your having a better day, my thoughts are with you.

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