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I've kind of run out of options. If the Lyrica stops working I'm in deep poo!
Before I started the Lyrica I was major league depressed. I know we all have the feelings of helplessness & hopelessness and I always thought I could get past it. Well one day 2 months ago.............I could not get past it. I was making up my meds for the week...........and I don't think I need to go into graphic details. My dear friend called from California...........just because.......and made my hubby go give the phone to me. Well, she saved my life! I spent 3 days in ICU & left there for a psych unit. Rapid detox at it's worst!

So, no doc is going to be too happy putting me back on any pain killers. My family would be crazed! Justifiably(sp?) I scared the [email protected]%! out of them.

Too, many meds had gone by the wayside. The morphine seemd to do the best. Lyrica beats it. Pain level generally a 5.........I can cope with that. I don't have a cloudy head (I didn't think I had one in the first place:confused: )

Sheesh..........I forgot the point of this long winded self expose'! So I'll stop babbling & go to bed!

Hugs to all.
God it's good to be "talking" to all of you!


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