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I have RSD in my right knee, upper thigh, calf and ankle. It is different for everyone. I was really bad over the winter, but the warmer weather has helped. I am doing alot of physical therapy on my own. I bought a stationary bike. Some days I can ride for 5 mins and other days I can ride for 20 mins. The key for me is what your doc said. You have to move!! Even in the winter when it hurt so bad, I made myself do stretches at the very least. Once the tendons in your leg start going, it's not good. So if you can, lay on your back and lift your leg up in the air and flex your foot so you feel the pull all the way up the back of your leg. Then point your foot so you feel it in the front of your foot and ankle. Roll your foot. That always makes my ankle crack and that feels really good. Do this several times a day if your can. Work all the excersizes that your PT gave you as much as you can. Ask your PT for an elastic band and have him show you how to use it for your arms and your legs. You have to move it as much as possible. If you are always cold in the house, get a heating pad or make some rice socks and heat them up in the microwave. Use them if your cold and use them during your stretching. It will healp loosen those muscles up and get ready to streatch. Get outside and get some sunshine. It's good for your body to warm up and it's good for your head! Read a book or pull some weeds. Pulling weeds has always been good therapy for me even before RSD. I know the weather in Union City is not as warm as mine up here in Vacaville, but you should be moving into much warmer days in July.

I live four houses away from my daughter's school. I walked her to school today for the first time in about nine months!

As for your husband, has be done any reading about RSD? If not, he should. He should know what you are dealing with. And he should be prepared for you being out of work for a while. I've been out a year and I too lost my job. Are you on disability? If not, you should. Don't let the docs run you out. You're the one in charge. Go back to the PT or request one that is familiar with RSD. The blocks didn't help me either. They were more pain than they were worth. What meds are you on.

I hope this helps you. I wish there was some way I could give you my phone number, but they won't let us.


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