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Hi Nikki
Good on you girl, i'm sure your strong determination and grit will shine through. Glad your foot is doing better, you never know you'll be running the New York marathon next I have every faith in you. You show them all.
I've had a bad week for pain, been very low, i'm confused with the meds, i've stopped taking the Lyrica about 10 days ago but the pain in my head, neck, r arm and hand is particulaly bad, i'm confused, don't know if the Lyrica did some good for that area as i still had pain but i feel it baaad now. The swelling in my ankles has remained down, goood, that could be because of the epi which apart from that has done nothing for me, or, it could be from the absence of Lyrica in my system, i dont know my pm i saw on Monday doesn't seam to have the answers either. I'm gonna ask to go back on Lyrica but only small dose to see if my upper body pain changes, i think i need to try it again as my head has been in bits lately and i couldn't judge for myself if it did any good, if that makes sense, confused! i am!!! They asked me if i wanted to try another epidural, go see neurosurgeons again or try some new medication, but the meds would be more potent with nasty side effects, too much to take in i'm afraid, that just confused me more, i was on a bad day as it was whilst talking to them, i though they were the experts, i feel as if the balls been put in my court right now and i'm trying to decide. I've totally dismissed seeing the n/surgeons, no more ops for me thank you very much unless it was a matter of life or death, another epi, not sure on that one, didn't do anything for me, yet perhaps it might be worth trying another, meds, well don't fancy taking anything that's gonna make me feel more ill than i am now, and don't want to be zombiefied. will have to let you know on that one which i decide, it looks like another epi and as afore mentioned trying Lyrica again. I've just had a phone call this minuite from my pm, i'm gonna try Lyrica again for next 10 days at 300mg pd to see if it makes my upper body pain any more tolerable, if it doesn't we know it's no good, to let them know in 10 days time also, and i am to see the PM consultant on 20th July (that's quick, believe me) to discuss further options, i guess that's made my mind up initially for the next week or so, so watch this space.
gonna go now got to do something.
Take care, keep them toes wiggling, ta ta for now, tracex

Your marvellous girl! Well done, i knew you'd do it, it looks like that marathon is within the winning post! You know it brought tears to my eyes when i read it i was so so pleased for you, your right who cares about the med's and the rest of it YOU CAN WALK can only begin to imagine how elated you and your loved ones must be feeling. The look on their faces must have been amazing, i bet they are delighted and now there must be light at the end of the tunnel, one step at a time (pardon the pun!) don't overdo it, take your time, i know who am i to say it but i really mean it. Glad you had a lovely time at the aquarium, i'm gonna do something with my son in hols but not sure what at this moment, maybe get away from it all for a few days, sea air beckons, it always does me good to be at the coast, i live inland about 65 miles away from coast, not too far away, but far enough to consider driving there myself. I've tried to Lyrica again, lower dose and i do believe it takes the edge off my r arm pain but unfortunately nothing else, will have to wait and see on that one, go on Fri to see PM consultant. I will never complain about the swellings i have on my ankles again considering all the swellings you have, good to hear the swellings gone down a massive amount for you, can't begin to imagine what it must have been down. You really are a remarkable person, your determination drives you forwards, as i've said b4 it's a wake up call for me and i think it's got through to me, i'm determined not to let this get the better of me. I only wish we could communicate in other ways also but then again at least we can be grateful for this site, it has brought a new meaning to the words rsd for me and i am truly honoured to have met such wonderful people. I'm filling up again!
Keep going, i'm thinking of you and your loved ones.

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