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Kaiser ER won't help you. The docs on duty may not even know what RSD is. You need to call patient assistance and have them help you get in to the pain managment clinic sooner. See if your primary can make a call to the clinic. Remember .....the squeeky wheel gets the grease! Call twice a day if you have to.

I have a friend who has RSD pretty bad and she is working with Stanford. They're in your neighborhood. I wish I could tell you that they have helped her, but she really has not had any improvement.

Why were you having the nerve block done in the first place? Were you already diagnosed with RSD at that point?

Sherry, No i went in for a S3 block for my pelvic pain. The IV placement was extremely painful. 10 days after of the IV placement, i started to have symptoms in my hands. That is why i suspect i have RSD. I have not yet dx with RSD.
Thanks for the advise! Kaiser has finally made a referral to SF pain clinic.

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