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No one has yet diagnosed me with RSD. However, my hands started with numbness (subsided quite a bit) but replace it with, then pain, dryness, stiffness, swelling on both hands. burning pain went up to my forearms on both sides. Now my soles of my feet (swollen and paiin) are affected as well. I try to think what has caused this. i think the causeo was the painful IV placement done a 5 weeks ago. It was very painful and staff at hospital did not bother to change it even when i was crying. I was there for a nerve block. After i done the research, i think i am suffer the venipuncture RSD, the worse kind. What kind of luck i have? It is the most rapidly deteriorating type. That is why i am thinking the ER room or i need the most experience doctor who can dx and treat me ASAP.
Thanks for your reply!
Thanks for sharing your experience! Me too, my right side is worse than the left. Perhaps i am right handed. The more i use my hand, the more pain i have. In terms of emotional support, i don't get much. My husband is so depressed with my condition, he has been drinking almost every day now to ease his depression. We sort of becoming strangers and disenaged. I just call up a former coworker and learned that she had RSD on her foot due to surgery complication, She was lucky to have full remission with a couple of nerve blocks. I share my strange symptoms with her and she discussed it with her monther who is a RN and they feel that my symptoms sort of fitting the RSD. She suggested me to see her former doctor who treats a lot of sport injury patients and have a understanding of RSD. I am going to see this doctor next wednesday. I can't hardly wait. I am so scared that my condition can go so bad so quickly as it state in the venipuncture RSD abstract. I have been thinking of taking picture of my hands and feet.
By the way, i am still working part-time with lots of standing due to inabillity to sit resulted from pelvic pain for the last two and half years. I have been on partial disability. I am so afraid of total disability with this new RSD condition. I love my job and don't want to lose it. I hate to be disabled.
Jon-Thanks for sharing your experience. It seems like your doctor has treated you very aggressively as she has given you nerve block every week. Is this a normal kind of practice?
Hey guys! Please pray for me to find a good doctor who can dx me and treat me properly. I will keep you folks in my prayers.
Thanks for the support!

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