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Ok, I know I am getting so frustrated. I tried to post this at work but for some reason lost the net all together after typing my life away here. Anyway, I have had flu like symptoms for over 2 yrs. I lost a job on account of feeling like I have a fever and being raked with pain throughout my body. Litteraly rocking myself in my bed the pain was so bad!! I thought it was an infection...went through the gammot of pills, tests, x-rays, MRI's, ect and nothing. I am at this point being treated by my Primary for unexplained fevers. Being treated by me orthopidic for RSD after exploritory knee surgery because the radiologist saw 2 cists and 2 complex tears in my cartilage that was not there at all. (according to my surgeon my knee was textbook perfect) BUT IS IT FEVERS? my norm is 97.7 when I actually have the energy to get up and take a temp with a digital that I am not even sure is working it ranges between 99.2 and 100.9. BUT!! Did I "rock" myself into this fever (warmth) or is it really a fever. And do people with RSD have unexplained fevers. I DON"T KNOW!! Sorry if I sound a little frustrated but I too have recently started treatment for RSD after knee surgery. I have noticed sooo many changes in my body. Not all of them stay around for more than a few days. Some come back, some are different, some are especially scary!! I am taking 825 mg's. of Lyrica and Vicodin for pain. I believe the Lyrica is working because when I don't take it I can feel the difference in my gate and pain. I have read that stress can make this problem worse. (As I listen to my grandson screaming because he does not want to go to bed)

OK WHO"S STRESSED?!!!!! Oh no not me. My son and his wife live in our finished basement, (private entrance, bath, kitchen, bedroom, livingroom, ect...Daughter in Law due to have a baby any time. I mean within days. Flood in April took out the basement! Now trying to find the money and energey to fix it... So in my livingroom I have My son on the floor, My daughter in law and soon to be grandchild on the couch...oh and did I mention my daughter is living here also with her 3.5 yr. old son (keeps me going and refreshed. Thank God for kids) because she was abused and I went to rescue her. STRESS NOT A PROBLEM FOR ME!!!lol

But anyway I am getting a little scared about all this. I feel pretty good once I get moving in the morning. I love this site because the people here are very helpful and supporting. Kudos to you guys, Michelle, RAXO, JON, PATTI sorry if I spelled it wrong. I can relate to the driving thing. I got really scared the other day(another story). I can relate to the memory thing, short and long. I can relate to a lot of stuff. So you guys keep up the stuff cause I know it also helps you KEEP UP THE STUFF!! Have a safe and painfree weekend!! And hey please post back because I am really getting scared. I lost 3 days of work last week because of fevers and I am really afraid of losing my house. A Lot of money going into basement getting ready for baby. Oh well now I am starting to ramble. Later

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