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[QUOTE=numbing hands;3114697]Was the cervical epidural infusion also? Sorry they were not helpful. When did your husband had the marcaine infusion-shortly after the symptoms started? How did your husband suffer RSD? What else he had tried?
Please inform!
We all need a miracle!

Hi Anita,
The cervical epidural catheter delivered fentynyl, similar to an epidural when you have a baby, just up higher on the spine.
The marcaine was 2 weeks ago...he was diganosed with RSD in March 2006. He nearly amputated his ring finger in a snowblower at work in Feb. 06. I know, I know...who puts their finger in a snowblower? Had he known there was blade in that chute, he wouldn't have done that. That was the first time he ever used a snowblower. We were used to the old fashion shovel.He developed symptoms within 3 weeks in that finer as well as his pinky and middle fingers. He now feels the same pain in his back. He has tried PT, meds...currently Lyrica, Celebrex, Cymbalta, Dilaudid and Kadian.Nreve blocks, epidural and finally spinal cord stimulator. He is considering bio feedback and/or hypnosis.
Take care,

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