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Tracy, Thank you for the quick re-ply. I am curious ...was it a Pain Specialist
who ordered your husband have the 4 day Fentnyal epidurial ? Or was it your
family doctor ? Did it help, & for how long ?
I started the Lyrcia 50 mg 2 caps > 3 Xs a Day,,I thought it was helping...but it sure has Not HELPED with this RSD flare up.

I have Fibromyaliga, Restless Legs Syndrome, Migraines, I.B.S.
Migraines run in my family, & I have what I belive is the Cluster type
the Migraines 1-2-3 Xs per week. Migraines were real bad from 35-47 years old I am 57 now. For many years there was no Imitrex & others, like it.
Now I have them 1-2 per month. I also take, Kloipen, & Zanaflex.

I have been on disability for 6 years, I had tons of medical back ground....

Yes,isn't it a shame as I said, to see a loved one like in your case your husband, o a friend, & see them in SO MUCH PAIN.
I have still been treated like a drug seeker at the ERs and sent home with
NOTHING to help me. The ERs told me the Patches 100mg & Lorcet 10/650
was enough for pain control.........................Yet my family DR. a couple
years ago said she might need to increase the Fentyanyl patch to 200mg.

But, I am afraid to try and get a higher mg..... as we were so thankfull our insurance would even cover it...or tun it down,, thay have that option.
A 3 months supply 1 patch ever 72 hours, cost us $40.00 but (they say) it cost the company $1,100.00 per every 3 months.

I do feel some people can't get there doctor to prescribe anything but someting like say Ultram........
Or have no insurance to cover any type of pain medication.
Take Care, Ladybug

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