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hi shelly.unfortunetly the only true way to check for nerve damage anywhere is with an are not alone there,i have to see my physiatrist on tues for the same thing.this is my second round with the EMG.he never did my R knee or from my c spine down with the last one since at that time my spinal cord surgery incision was still too that time,i also did not actually have RSD in my right knee,that popped in about a month that knee has to be stuck as my muscles are withering in many areas now.

having the EMG will give you and your doc good solid info on the nerve flow,this would tell whether or not there is a compression of the (i believe its the)median nerve?if i remember right the median is the one that travels thru that carpal tunnel.he will also check the ulnar and go from the c spine down just to see where any possible "blockage' actually starts.if your nerve flow is normal there it would tell that you do not have carpal tunnel,so it IS an important type of test to have.the fact that you also have 'foot' problems as well kind of would lead one to believe that the CT is not the main problem ya know?how did your symptoms show?was it fter some kind of surgery or were these symptoms just 'there' one day?have you ever had a c spine MRI done to see whats up in that area?just wondering.

i do not want to put myself thru the EMG crap again but this was actually my idea so i guess i am kind of stuck.i just want reasons for my muscles taking off on me and leaving me with really 'stick figure' looking body will do just fine with the test.if all they have to do is the arms,it wont take long at all and be over before you know it.if you have any pain meds,take them before you go and have someone drive you.that does help some.hopefully you will be able to find out right away whats doc always told me what he was seeing and not seeing as he went least you will have some answers and for me that kind of makes the test worth it,ya know?i do wish you luck shelly.please keep us posted,Marcia

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