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Hi Michelle, Welcome.. I am Michelle also.. I am sorry to hear you going thorugh this.. I feel your anxiety through the computer. I think you will find great comfort from being on here.. Hopefully all of can help you..
I can you my story hopefully you will get something out of it...
I have has RSD for almost 5 yrs... I wasn't dx until the past 3 yrs... I was in an auto accident and herniated 4 dics in my cervical spine.. I started with some swelling in my neck.. thats it.. couple months later I started having burning in my hands, I had the sharp shooting pain and it felt like someone was poking pins in my finger nails.. In about 3 months it traveled to all four extremities.. My feet would swell up, my hands would.. not alot though.. I had alot of discoloration.. multed look, blueish purple, then at times it would look red like sunburn.. very sensitive.. then my palms of my hands starte peelings... This was all in a few months.. I also had alot of involuntary muscle movement.. I felt like I had to move constantly.. I was up all nite... The would get so bad I couldn't even put my feet on the rug.. This all went on in about 5 months maybe up to 8 months.. I still at this point was not dx.. Finally I found a dr who picked up the RSD right away.. It was a neurosurgeon.. He called an RSD specialist right in the room with me.. The started me on neurontin and lamictal and tylenol with cod.. It helped a little.. while I was waiting to see the specialist.. There was a two yr waiting list to seem him.. I finally got in.. he confirmed the dx. and put me in the hospital for a lidocaine infushion.. It has helped me so much.. I just wish that other drs offered this for everyone else on this board..
I so understand you concern.. I am just curious.. What type of DR had dx you? And what are they doing for you?
There is a bright side if you do have RSD.. They seemed to have dx it very early. The earlier the better.. You will probably go through PT..
Don't listen to that other dr.. you know your body.. If your pain you are... You might be so early into RSD that all the symtoms just aren't there yet for the drs to pick it up.... I think i had said to someone else on another posting.. Get a second opinion.. It wouldn't hurt.. and go from there.. If you have any questions please ask away.. Everyone on this board is so helpful.. and we all stick together.. One more question, Do you have alot of burning? If so.. please do not use ice.. It feels good but its the worst thing for RSD...
Thinking about you.. Good luck and let us know how you do and if you need anything..

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