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Okay! I am back. I took a break to see my soap series. The second doc do not want to label me yet. He also does not offer nerve block at this time due to possible risk. He does not want to cause me another problem. He wants me to return in two weeks. He said some people may develop symptoms after trauma. Since i am responding to oral steriod. He said it is a good sign. May be the symptoms may go away. I thought that RSD symptoms will not go away on it's own. He also could not believe that i have symptoms on both hands and then a few weeks later starting to have symptoms on both feet. He said this is not typical. I think i told me that my injury was from a venipuncture and the research state that it can get worse or progress quickly. Any way, he dismissed my concern. The strange thing is that the doc can't tell me what is wrong with me if it is not RSD.
For the time being, i am stuck and don't know what i am dealing with. Even though i told these two doc, i started to have symptoms after the venipuncture trauma. Hopefully, i will know more in the near future.
Any thoughts on my encounters!
Have a nice weekend!

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