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My husband definitely sweats more. (He doesn't have a SCS.) For a funny story, he was getting his haircut the other day and when he was finished, the girl started apologizing. "I'm so sorry sir, I don't know how I could have spilled water down your back, but you are all wet." The backs of his shirts from his neck down are always soaked, even if he isn't doing anything strenuous. When I read in the literature about increased sweating, we always thought it meant in the affected limb, but evidently with everyone's input here, it means all over the body.
Hi Michelle,

We live in Southeastern Florida. Hot & Sunny! Our community has it's own pool that gets soooo warm during spring thru fall. In the winter it's heated. With the encouragement of a friend thats a personal trainer, I gradually got myself into the warm pool. It took almost a week before I could tolerate the initial sensation of the water. (I go early before anyone is there ;) On bad days I find just being submerged up to my neck quiets the nerve endings.

I started out treading water and gradually increased the movement. It's soooooooooooooo much easier in water. I'm not walking on a hard surface. This week I'll up it a notch & see if I can tolerate some real exercise. Jen teaches a water aerobics class at a local gym. I can go at my own pace so we'll see.

Still can't walk to far in a mall or shopping. No loss.............never liked shopping anyway, but I do miss long walks.


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