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I see an accup. on a pretty regular basis. Since I started I have had improvement. I have also been seeing a chiropractor along with it. My accup. knows more about rsd that most of the docs I have seen. It has been a trial and error thing too. He used tens on me. That flaired me up. He can only use the needles in certain areas. If he uses them directly in my knee, it flairs it up. He turned me on to some herbal cream that I just love. He also has worked some physical therapy in too. I think you have to go in with an open mind and be willing to try things and be ok with some of the things flairing you up. That's how you get to what will help. The chiripractor has really helped also. Keeping my back, hip and knee aligned helps alot.

Last time I went to the accup. he used the cups on my back. It's when they suction these cups on your back supposedly to bring more blood flow to the area . It was different. It left hickie marks on my back for a couple of days. I asked him if my husband could just give me a couple of hickies on my lower back. We got a laught out of that.

I think you should try it.

Anita- you should give it more time. Find what works for you. My guy is at Vallejo Kaiser. I know it's a long drive for you, but he's good. He's an older guy; been doing it a long time. Does the guy your seeing know about rsd?

I like the section cup that you have mentioned. Last year i had accup weekly for 7 months for my pelvic pain. Due to no long lasting effective, i stopped it. Can you ask you accupunctist to recommend someone more closer to my area from SF to SJ?
To answer your question, i don't know whether or not you saw my other post. I finally saw a PM doc in SF Kaiser, the chief of the Chronic Pain Dept, he said i don't have RSD. He said my symptoms were reaction to the IV trauma or invasive procedure. Is the Vallejo Kaiser doc a PM doc? Do you think he knows how to dx RSD with an open mind?
At this point, i am willing to try anything and everything.
Please reply if you happen to see this post.
I am very frustrated with Kaiser. The PM in SF kaiser said he did not believe i had RSD the only thing he offered me was bio-feedback. He said no more nerve block or any invasive procedure. He did not explain why i have symptoms in my hands and arms. Actually, my symptoms have already spread to my feet about a month ago. I am pretty sure i have RSD not just nerve pain because i did not have these type of symptoms prior to the IV trauma. The most obvious symptoms are the drying and wrinkly skin on my hands and feet, the different shade of red on my palms and the balls of my feet besdies the stiffness and burning and sensitivity.
What is the name of your doc at vallejo? Do you think he know some doc closer to me who can dx and treat RSD, in Fremont area, Santa Clara, Oakland, etc.

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