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Well my whole story starts 5 years ago in 2002. I was a normal 12 year old who liked to hangout with my friends. I ended up spraining my left wrist in early march of that year. I went to 4 doctors and several tests over a seven week period to find out what was wrong with my wrist I was in extreme pain and had swelling, discolored, and cold hand/arm. My brother finally told my mom to take me to and orthopedist at the Cleveland Clinic. The orthopedist knew that I had RSD and called one of his collegues in the pain mnegement department and I had an apointment the next morning allong with a nerve block. I got relief immedietly and was able to open my hand (it was atrophyed). I had several stellate ganglion blocks after that and my pain level came down to a 3-4 and I was able to get off all of my medication. 3 years later in June of 2005 I sprained my right ankel and the RSD moved their. I ended up forcing myself to walk on my foot that summer despite the intense pain. my mom and I decided not to go back on the meds I was previously on just my pain meds due to the side effects. I was on my high school swim team the previous year (2004-2005) so my Dr. said I could go to pt. or swim again. My pain started going down and I was certifiedLifeguard a couple weeks later. In late January of 2007 I was cleaning the snow off of my car and smashed my pointer finger on my right hand in the car door. When I got home pain shooted down my arm. The pain was then only in my finger until later that night when the RSD was in my hand and arm. My hand became totally atrophyed within a week or so. Since than I've had 3 stellate ganglion blocks and 2 TECs. I got a small infection in my spine and had to be hospitalized for a week with little pain relief.

My right hand is still closed but is coming open slowely. Actually, too slowly for my Dr. so I will be getting a trial scs sometime in september. Also because my leg is becoming weaker and is becoming more painfull to walk on. I can't stand the wind when it comes to my right arm and I can't stand covers, pants, shoes, anything on my leg so I basicly wear a t-shirt and shorts and of course I get cold eaisly so I can wear a sweater if I roll it up.

If you could give me any advice about the stimulator, what I should excepct, ect. I would appreacciate it.


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