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I have never had the abdominal pain, but can tell you the weather affects me for sure. I can tell if it's going to rain. I can feel it when the fog from the bay area is comming into the valley. Everything just tightens up like one big muscle spasm. We went camping a couple of weeks ago up in the mountains. It was probably around 90 and very dry. I think I felt the best I have in a year. I didn't want to leave. We were in my sister's 36' RV (practically an apartment) not a tent! When we started home about half way home my leg started to tighten up. I told my husband that the weather was going to change before we got home. He laughed at me. When we got home that evening we could see the fog over the hills. I could hardley get out of the car. That weather system stayed with us for three days and I was miserable for three days. Once it left, my leg loosened up and felt better. Thank goodness we don't get fog very often in the summer. I am dreading winter.

As for your football game, make up some socks filled with rice and warm them in the microwave and take them along in a cooler and bring a blanket. Take a nice warm bath when you get home. Whenever we go places where I know I might get cold, I make sure I bring a blanket to wrap my leg in. I think I am going to look for some leg warmers to put under my sweats for winter. I have to cut the knee out though as I can't stand to have that pressure on my knee cap. I hope they still make leg warmers. I'm showing my age. My kids would say, "what's a leg warmer?"

As for the boyfriend, the advice my shrink gave me was try not to make life all about rsd. They (yours and mine) know where in pain. Talk about current events that we hear on the news. Talk about what the kids did that day. For us, sometimes all I can do is watch a movie with him. Sometimes I can go to the movies. On the weekends I have him take me to Costco or Target just to get out of the house and spend time with him. Some days it's long, somedays it's a short trip. If your in pain tonight after the football game, have family game night. Make sandwiches for dinner and play a game or two. Play poker. My kids love that! I hope the day works out for you.


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