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Aug 23, 2007
I am a 22 yrs old female and I just been diagnosed with RSD. The last time I worked was on May 18 of this yr I was a cook and thats when i fell I was coming out of the freezer walk-in outside I slipped on ice on the step while I was carrying something and my right foot twisted and i fell sideways down on my ankle. I didn't break anything which is weird because of the way i fell, but soon as that happened I had severe pain where it radiated throughout my foot like electricity and i couldn't move. I went to the E.R and was told it was a sprain and to see an Orthopedist and was given a a little boot and crutches. So I went to the Orthopedic and was told it was a mild sprain and was only given a week off of work to recovery then to be on full duty. I thought I would be ok in a week but i was wrong I went back to work for only 3 days and was in more severe pain thats when I started having tingling sensations, swelling, burning, pins and needles, stabbing shooting pain, and it felt like my foot was asleep. My entire foot and toes were dark purple even underneath. So i went to E.R. again and was given narcotics and told to see Dr again. I had several tests done X-Rays, EMG, Bonescan, and a MRI done all show negative except in the MRI shown fluid and inflammation. I was on crutches for 2 months straight and since I fell at work had to deal with the Workmen's Comp issues which is difficult.Throughout this process i have been given several medications Vicodin, Neurotin, Celebrex, Nabumetone, now I'm on Amitril and nothing has helped with my pain. I finally been seeing another Doctor my second one and have been seeing him for a month or two he was the one that mentioned RSD but he wasnt sure. It wasn't until my previous visit which was on Monday the 20th that he finally agreed that it was RSD because now it has moved up to my leg so now both my foot and leg feel like they have fallen asleep and have all the other symptoms also my foot has gotten purple again. So I'm suppose to go see a Pain Management Doctor within this week or next. So i wanted to know is RSD permanent and I would like any comments from other people if they have any input.

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