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[B][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I dread rainy days:( as my pain always increases. I have tried the hand warmers for hunters(you can get them at walmart in the sporting good department) and they do help when you have to go out in the winter! When it rains or just before, I have those deep aches in my left leg(where the RSD is the worse, I have it in both legs and both arms and back. I'm one of the lucky few to have it spread from left leg on..:eek: ) and my back?.. forget about it, that is the worse when it's rainy, so it is the RSD. Also I visited my grandson in Florida a couple of years ago and was AMAZED at how good I felt the whole time I was there. I walked!!! I know part of it was I had just had a lumbar sympathetic block before the trip, but I noticed it was a whole lot better than after the block here in Ky. It's not as humid down there so I also agree that humidity causes an increase in pain as well. I considered moving there, but my Grandson is in the process of moving to N. Carolina this month and I don't want to be there alone, so I will suffer thru I guess. I just learn to cope with what i got.
Hope you have a pain free day!

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