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Hi All,
I had my first lumbar sympathetic block on my right side this morning. However, i still have an dull achy pain in my right low back pain, a few inches from the injection site. Is this normal reaction? Did some one has this experience?
Thanks and take care! I would appreciate any feedback.
Hope anyone has less pain or total relief!
Hey Anita,

Did you get any pain relief from the block? You might be slightly sore for a day or so but it shouldnt be anything to write home about. I ran the series with them and loved them.. To me the blocks were something I loved. They worked awsome on pain and the warmth they provided was absolutely the best. It was nice to be normal again even if it was just for a few hours. But you should be a little sore.. You just had a very long needle pushed in your back. Good luck

Did the block help? I'm going to get my first sympathic block next month. Was it done in the hospital? Did they give you an IV and something to make you sleepy? I'm such a coward, don't really want it done. Doc also wants to start on a stim for my left foot. the block is for the right foot. Let me know

I had the lower blocks done also. I only got about three hours of relief. It was nice, but I had severe back pain afterwards. About two hours into it my back would start and would be sore for two-three days. Everyone is different. I was also very tense during the procedure and I think that's what made my back so sore.

Did you get any relief from it? How long?

Some docs will give you a sedative for the block. Mine wouldn't do it for me.
I did have an IV both times though. They did not put anything in it, just the fluid.

I was always given 10mg's of valium. First time I was scared but after that it was no big deal. The Only block that messed me up was shot number 5. I was tense that day and it made hard to get to the nerve. She ended up hitting some nerve that made my groin feel like I got kicked.. I hurt for about 2 days and subsided.
Hi All,
Thanks for your feedback!
To answer Jon's question. I felt warmth right after the block. It is still warmer than the other foot today.. In term of pain relief for my right foot, I am not 100% sure because i don't always have the burning pain on top of my foot and i did not have the burning pain until late last night. I usually have some pain in the ball of my foot and i think that was a bit better yestersday. There was no change in my dry and wrinkly toes. I also had the 5 mg valium piror to the procedure. Although I had the IV, I don't know whether or not they put sedation in it because i felt the needle going in and know what is going on. I don't have the soreness in my injection spot but still have the low back pain. Oh! i was very tense also because i had the stellate block as well yestersday. I had a little trouble walking yestersday because i felt the pain in my upper thigh. Today i am fine.
I am going to the doc for a follow up to see what is the next course of action.
Good luck on your first block. Maybe try to relax if you can. I think i was too tense yestersday.

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