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To everyone-
I went to a Pain Management clinic where my doctor sent me and they gave me a Lumbar Sympathetic Block injection in my lower back it hurts pretty bad i was given a prescription for a sedative to take an hr before the injection so it makes u a little sleepy and mellow. I have to get 2 more next week it has helped with my pain now my pain is down to a level 3 which is alot better then my usual level 10. They put anesthesia in your lower back in your sympathetic nerves to numb them and to block the pain. They find your nerves by taking x-rays while you're on the table then they inject it in your back. I got a little nauseous and felt like I was going to pass out so they gave me oxygen in a tube to breathe through. My back was sore after and I was dizzy from the sedative and anesthesia and pretty much I stayed in bed the rest of the day from being dizzy and my back being sore. So maybe this injection will help others too I recommend to ask your doctor about it, and I hope this info will help others. :)
Hi, I have had 4 sympathetic nerve blocks the same as you. I too have RSD in my right foot and leg. My arms have been burning (like a sunburn feeling) for the past couple of months too. I'm not sure if that would be the start of RSD in my arms. Anyway, none of my sympathetic blocks worked. The most relief I got was 18 hours and a couple didn't work at all. Apparently, I'm too far into the disease that they don't work any more because my pain has now become independent. I am scheduled for a trial spinal cord stimulator on the 10th. If it works, I will have the permanent implant on the 17th. I'm a bit nervous. I seems like such an invasive treatment. I have also heard that if the sympathetic blocks didn't work for you then the stimulator wouldn't either. There a conflicted opinions here. I hope they are getting to your RSD early enough to jolt your nervous system back into rhythm, so to speak. Good Luck!
Yea I'm early in my RSD I fell at work almost 4 months ago and just 2 weeks ago got diagnosed with it. I had severe pain and all the other symptoms and my foot was huge from the swelling and it was purple.The doctor was confused why I was in pain and said there was nothing more he can do for me and I had several tests done x-rays,bone scan, EMG, and finally an MRI. So I went to another doc and my first visit as soon as he just looked at my foot he said it could possibly be RSD and explained my pain and symptons without me even telling him my symptoms. At that time I was in alot of pain then but then it wasn't until my 2 weeks ago when for the entire week was raining and damp and cold my pain got worse and foot became purple again and had more pain in my leg as well it felt like my foot and leg were asleep and the horrible pins and needle pain was worse so when I saw him again he looked at and my foot was a dark purple all over and had purple and red spidery vains all over that wasn't there only in one spot. He was positive it was RSD and diagnosed me with it so he sent me over to the pain clinic and thats were I got the injections. My pain went down but as I'm typing this I/m starting to get the tingling feeling again and my leg is bothering me. So how did u feel after your injections? Needles don't bother me but they do when its going in my back lol. So I guess I'm lucky that they are taking care of it early.
You were lucky to be diagnosed with this disease so soon, although i am a little concerned at just how quick. You say you've had various tests, scans etc so soon since your initial accident, you must have good health service where you live, 3 years on since i initially had my disc prolapse i am just about to have my 2nd epidural in my cervical spine, the 1st about 7 weeks ago in my lumb spine was to no avail, but my experiece was much different to yours, i had to be awake and alert during the procedure, sat on edge of bed in op theatre, no pre-sedative or anything prior, just got on and put needle in using fluoroscopy x-ray and then given mild sedative afterwards, slept for about an hour and sent home 2 hours later. I just hope things arent moving too quick for you and your being treated for something which may not be rsd, don't want to sound pesimistic or anything but i think i would want to slow down a bit with treatments and look into things with a bit more detail. You will probably have read other peoples legacies on this subject of rsd and the majority have been diagnosed a long time after initial symptoms have started, maybe you simply are one of the lucky ones to be caught in the early stages and i hope for your sake this is the case and long may you continue to make good progress and get your life back on track.
best wishes tkbx

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