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Re: Methadone
Sep 22, 2007
I was just reading your post.. Iam a pt of Dr S.. Great guy.. I was just in the hospital for a lidocaine infushion for 5 days... (he was there everyday to see me).. Since I was cut short from the treatment (do to allergic reaction).. they had mention ketamine treatments.. I've heard alot of negative things about this treatment..
Why type of evaluations are you talking about? Is it in pt or out pt treatments... I know DR S has the 14th floor of Hanheman hosptial.. LOL LOL.. He has so many pts he probably bought the floor just for RSD pts.LOL.. Only joking.. Really he does have a floor for RSD pts.. I am wondering if he does the treatments there..
What treatments have you tried with DR S..? What meds has be put you on if any?
Just curious.. I was so upset after leaving the hospital the other day.. I said to one of his partners. "You want me to make a follow up appt.. Thats going to take another 8 months.., Maybe I should find another neuro.. " He said.. You can do that, but he's the best.. Your not going to find other treatments out there.. So, back to square one.. Tired of waiting to see him..
Have you talked to other pts about ketamine treatments.. They did tell me its a 50/50 chance that it will help... Thats not very high.. Keep in touch. When are you going for yours?
Michelle 1

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