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hi everyone, my name is brandy and i am in a strange situation but maybe not to otheres , i am not sure?! I was hurt on the job lifting stuff off pallets and for the most part the injury was to my right arm and elbow after lifting so many boxes , seems like my arm caved in and i had to drop the box in my arm. my arm was instantly red , hot , turning color so i ran to the bathroom and put arm under water because the heat was so strong, loose feeling in the inner part of elbow , could not do anymore closed store went home driving with one hand and barely made it home, well got home and needed to shower well i could not touch arm , husband had to help me with everything so to make story short , i filed wc and saw dr. and they said sprained elbow,okay i have had sprains before and i just couldnt believe what i heard that was to much pain just sitting there not using or moving arm so i was on the look out of being worried if they knew what was really wrong with my arm, so they put me in splint went back still hurting nothing better and no good changes ajust worse , no sleep,meds are not working , so they decided to check me for carpal tunnel , okay I went in for my arm and elbow and now they are seaching for carpal tunnel???? so needless to say there was pressure
and so we did the surgery, oh by the way something of lateral epicondylitis also came up, in the meantime im still going through burn pain, sharp shooting pain , unbearable tight pressure,constant pain , arm tender to touch,
loose feeling in inner elbow,injections do not work ,could not finish my physical therepy for after carpal surgery,because my elbow would swell and hurt for days , losing my strength ,becoming weaker,tears in eyes half the time, no answers to what is wrong,arm still changes color or its red and blotchy, my skin is very sensitive now ,and i am always back and forth being hot and cold, my arm hurts to move it or let it be still for a short matter of time and i can go on but,all i know is that my primary dr. believes this is rsd, i went to pm and he feel it may or may not be rsd , he told the nurse neropathic butthen tells me he wants to put me on permanent and stationary
and to start using my left to write and find another job that wont have me use my right arm,well my thing is i strongly feel this is rsd, all the symptoms match up , two dr.s and a dr. assistant says it got to be rsd, what do i do ,my primary dr. i see on the 11th of this month is going to release me so i can start treatment with pm but, my primary rushed me to this pm to start getting the nerve blocks started asap and now i dont know if this pm is right for me now? can anybody give me some opinions on what i should do before i am released???????

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