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[QUOTE=jodom1979;3225194]Hey kim,

He was my first PM I saw. I was there a total of 5 hrs waiting on him. He came in the room, used a temp gun on my leg... Asked briefly my symptoms and then handed me some cream that would "Take ALLLLLLL your pain away." He gave me a drug test right on the spot. Ordered a triphase bone scan. Then he left the room with out even saying good bye. He was rude and completely unsympathetic to my pain. I had an appointment 1 month later after the results which showed no rsd from what he read. I called mid month saying I need something to get me through until we saw each other again as the cream didnt do squat for my pain. My visit with him as less than 10 minutes long. Well we didnt make it too to the next appointment as I fired him.

while I was waiting on him there was nothing but females waiting on him and they all seemed to be very happy with him when he spoke to them. The walls in his office are very thin. Give him a whirl if you like. Did my primary set you an appointment up with him? For a co-pay it might not hurt to see him and see what he has to say.

Im afraid to give you anymore advice about all of this as all of this blew up in my face more ways than you know.

wellI guess it wouldnt hurt to see what doctor ackerman has to sayto you... you never know what could happen. Maybe he might be the greatest PM you ever met.. who knows..


Hey Jon, thanks for getting back to me. I really don't want you to feel bad. Please don't, as you were just trying to help. Gosh he sounds a little like my pm I have now. Mine wasn't rude at first, but is now. I think the reason they referred me to him was I told her about my flare up these past few days and I said I don't see how I can cut down on the meds as my pain is too great, which is the total truth. When she was examining me yesterday I began crying in pain when she was touching my left leg and having me try to raise it up and so on and so forth. I'm keeping my appointment with my pm next month and I have enough meds to barely get me by until then as I had some left over from previous visits because I WAS cutting down and when he was forgetting about cutting me down and keeping my appointments the same in between. Thank goodness huh? But please don't feel bad as everyones case is different and like you said, he might be the answer to my prayers and if not then I still have my pm to fall back on. All I'm out is a co-pay.
I'm rethinking the MRI though on my head, I seriously doubt its MS as MS doesn't cause pain. I think I will tell her I will wait until after I see Ackerman to see what he says first as they are so expensive and I live on a disability check and almost half of that goes for my Anthem Insurance for medical care and I don't have Medicare yet, I will about May next year. Also to wait until the test me for Fibro as that makes more sense. Maybe that is whats going on with the other limbs. My Sister has it and what she describes is more likely the case. Lucky me to have two pain syndromes going on at once huh?
I would like to know what you think about the idea that it doesn't spread to other limbs? Please don't be scared to answer, it just seems like you have read more about this than I have. Everything I read says it is possible but rare. My Pm treated the right side as a precaution just in case, but I was reading my records and he says in them that it more than likely spread to my left arm and back but he is treating the right just in case so that tells me that it IS possible. I think I will start a new thread to see what everyone else says too.
I hope this doesn't make you scared to talk with me, I've really enjoyed reading your replys and suggestions. It helps SOOO much to have someone who understands. I know you were trying to help and I really appreciate everything, REALLY!!:) We will see how it goes, who knows like you said I might love him and it all won't be for nothing. Take care and please don't let this stop you from replying ok? You have helped in more ways than you think if only for the talks. And like I said I do like their office. I haven't met her yet, but they seemed real nice. And I'm sure you have helped others on this board with your knowledge and experiences.
They are calling me today with the appointment for Ackerman as the lady who does that was not there yesterday.


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