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[QUOTE=thebrewery;3230748]why does my neck sweat[/QUOTE]

Well I don't know why as I have told my doc about this and he never says why, but mine does and I thought maybe something else was going on like menopause, but when I read this post, I was relieved to know that I was right and it IS the RSD. Thanks for that. I like it when I'm right!:) Mine will sweat on just one side. Mostly the right side. lately. Usually(in my case anyway) I will experience sweating when it is in the process of spreading to an area close to where I am sweating. Like sweating on your neck could be it's spreading to that arm, shoulder, etc. I hate to tell you this, but thats what it does with me anyway. I have not confirmed this with my doc, so don't take it as gospal, but that has been my experience. My RSD is all over and everytime it goes somewhere else, I get the sweats there before. Mine started in my left ankle and has since went to left leg, left arm, right leg. right arm, back and now left hip. I had sweating right before I started to feel the symptoms in that side. And before a flareup as well. Lately my right side of my neck has been sweating and the last few days, my right arm has flared up. I also had a flare-up(bad one too) the last few days and I have been sweating all over.
To explain why my doc has not confirmed this, is I'm not real thrilled with my doc right now, long story, but its like he doesn't listen to me and when I tell him thses things, he ignores me and says nothing. Needless to say, I'm looking for a new PM!!! Once when I told him about the sweating he sent me for a blood sugar test, so thats tells you a little. It turned out fine and he has not explained anything further.:confused:
where is your RSD now?


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