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Hey Everyone,
It is bittersweet for me to read this post. I have not been on in awhile, but I think it is the rsd. I do because I bet lots of us have it and I feel like a 90 year old and I am 32. I have some days where I can barely move. Docs. blame it on the meds. and anything else they can and I truthfully believe it is just an extra added bonus to the rsd. I have been complaining to ALL of my docs for over 10 yrs. now and I have yet to get a diagnosis or any explanations. I figured 2 spinal cord stims. would help- No. Ketamine treatments- no. Nothing. No blocks, no meds, and somedays are worse than others. It is just like you guys are saying exactly and that is why it is bittersweet there are others feeling and having the same symptoms but it sucks that we are going through it. I thought it was the weather, foods, I was trying to blame it on anything. If it looks like a duck. How do they diagnois CFS? Can they even or is it like rsd they just go by the patients complaints? I have been to sooo many docs. complaining of this and the memory and the sleepiness etc. and guys we are on our own. Truthfully, noone knows for sure what it is, but if lots are having it then it must be part of this monster.
In the beginning the rsd would calm and I was on nothing and the joints ached. Nothing you can do either it is like the flu. That is how I discribe it and no matter what you do lay down or try to move through it you are still screwed nothing helps.
I feel all your pain and I wish I could tell you that scs worked for me or ketamine or methadone oxycodone.
I am guessing it might be the pain from the atrophy that happens with this disease. After 10 1/2 years and no solution I feel it is that. Maybe it is the muscles and joints breaking down. This sucks and I feel your pain.
Try an Advil. Sounds stupid with all the stuff we are on but sometimes it takes the edge off of it. I also rub Vicks Vapor rub on my body- sounds crazy but it helps. I could not handle the Capsasin, but for some reason I found the Vicks helped. Good Luck everyone, but I think it is something we are all going to just have to suck up and deal with.
I wish everyone the best and hope something I wrote helps someone. I am sorry for saying I felt better to read this, but I have felt all alone with this and try and explain to my husband but noone knows and why would we want them to right? (I mean by having it). Keep on Keepin' On is what I try and tell myself...Nik :angel:

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