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It's so funny that you have written this thread, I have been having the same problem for about 2 weeks. At first I thought it was topamax because the doc had just put me on it but I have stopped taking it and still happening. I'll be at work and will be talking to a guest and my eyes will just start shutting. I'm just fighting to stay awake all day. I started to wonder if some of my other meds where causing this but I have been on them for over a year. I just dont know. When I go to see my pm doc, I was going to bring this up and get his opinon. I have trouble falling asleep at night but it has been this way for over a year so I dont think its that cause if it was I would of caught up know, I would think. I aslo have the joint and muscle pain it hurts to the bone. Sometimes when I get up after sleeping or lay down for awhile I get up and I can hardly walk. I also, like you get the hand and finger pain,. I feel like I have arthritis to but I was tested and was told I didnt have it in my hands. So I guess we are in the same boat not knowing. Please let me know if you find out a reason for this and I will do the same. In the mean while take care!


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