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Re: Whats next???
Oct 11, 2007
thanks for saying that. It seems like most people on here love the stimulators and have had so much success with them. but for me its the complete opposite. This will be my third surgery in a little over a year, when youre supposed to have then every nine years. It just gets so frusterating. Like you want it to work but it just doesnt. My mom thinks i havent really given it a chance but i can hardly walk the battery hurts so bad. its like everytime i step it gets pinched. i cant roll over in bed either because of it. I am just tired of it. when i first started talking to my doctor about this they pretty much said that this was it, if this doesnt work them youre pretty much screwed. since then ive learned there are a few other things but not that many. its like this cognative therapy thing or ketamine. i just dont know what to do anymore. It sucks because the medicine isnt really working anymore either. And since its starting to feel like winter here its just going to get worse. I need to more somewhere warm. i went on a vacation in flordia i was only there for a few days before we had to move on but i absolutely loved it. i never had the cold sweats or anything, but here i get them all the time. Does cold set you off to??? Is this your first stimulator? and what problems are you having with it. i would love to talk to you more about this.

What kind are they wanting you to do? I knew there were three different kinds but not exactly what all it entails. the way i heard it explained is like this. when you break your arm or leg they put a cast of to give the bones time to heal, by letting them rest. its sort of the same thing. the ketamine kind of puts you out in order to give your nerves time to heal. letting them relax. So i dont know how that would work as an outpatient thing. i wonder how it would feel, like if you would feel just kind of out of it or what? of maybe you dont feel any difference. So the doctor that does them it takes a long time to get into?? thanks for all the advice!

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