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Yup, you have the right person! I thought it had traveled every where it could! Lately it's getting into a few extra spaces!!! I'v shared my story here before.......I came off the narcs quickly. I always harbored the feeling that if it ever got bad enough I'd do a "Kavorkian". The depression always hung around the edges........and one day snuck up and blindsided me. I won't go into the gorey details.............just alot of meds and I came close to not being here. The rapid 2 3/4 day ICU detox was fine.........I do not remember it. The next5 days of detox in a psych ward wasn't easy but I did not want to go back on the narcs. That's when the Lyrica trial started. You want to it in a hospital under the supervision of a pain doc. There are new drugs out there to help make detox easier. A pain doc could also start you on other meds.

From personal experience......I was so afraid of the pain increasing, I did mot want to totally give up the narcs. Now this is all hindsight........didn't know it then.

Ask as many questions.....I am brain dead right now...............and my hand is I'll soak it.

weight gain.......I gained over 100 lbs (13 years) up 30, down 20. My theripist told me the average chronic pain patient gains aprox 10 lbs a year!

Big gentel hugs


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