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Hey guys,
I have no idea about the Medicare and right now I have jammed them in between a court order for wc to pick up all my payments so right now wc is kind of in a jam because if they deny treatment it makes them look bad. I kind of have a free ticket and everything I get and who I go to during this period they have to approve it.
So anyway the ketamine is all out patient and I went one Tuesday for a 4 hr. infusion plus about 1 hr. observation time. The 2nd one- the following Tuesday was a 5 hr. transfusion with the same observation time.
Next he found a pharmacy to order the Ketamine (ironically his own hospital pharmacy refused to order it). He then called my pharmacy and they ordered it. I pay nothing for any of my prescriptions because it is a long story but it is in court and until after the trial they are responsible for paying everything and they have no other communication with me so I go anywhere. I am going to take advantage ( not really just do what we should have anyway, but the system is so messed up they are allowed to torture us...)
The IV is cake and I HATE needles. I mean to the point I would lose sleep for days. No blood being drawn, nothing. They have a bloodpressure cuff and a oxygen meter on your finger and that is all. They give you such a great relaxer that it feels like you are out for surgery but the difference is is that you have no pain when you wake up and you are wide awake and ready to go. I would do it as many times as it took. The only thing with the oral is that it was meant to be interveneous so it taste like something that is close to when you were a kid and you licked a 9 volt (everyone did that right?!?)Well it is that taste just on your taste buds and down your throat.
I do not regret it and I hope things catch up and it becomes THE treatment for serious rsd.
I think it is going to go that way hey look I am doing it and I am in Mass. I THINK I might be the 1st in Mass. by the way my doc. talks about it and I think he would know. He heads this hospital and was a big wig at a major hospital in Boston. He also started the spinal cord foundation? Something like that but he is incredible. He deals with anestisiology as well so you feel safe if things should go south and he needs to get you back.
I am happy. I have been taking care of my kids alone at night most nights and I really feel I can do anything. This really is the hardest thing I have ever had to overcome as far as pain and getting the kids taken care of.
I hope I answered as many questions as I could and I do not have to tell you that this is my doc. and all docs. have different ways of doing things, but this has been my experience.
Peace...Nikki :angel:

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