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[QUOTE=nichole72;3258342]Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well. Just wondering has anyone during the spreading of RSD had a doc tell them you might also have MS? I saw my pm doc and was telling her all the problems with my legs, she told me to let my nuerologist know. So I did, he did a few test in the office like testing my strength with my legs and pushing on his arms. All he said is that all you got. Then he had me walk with one foot in front of the other about a total of 5 steps and I had to grab onto the wall so I didnt lose my balance. Which is be coming more and more, I look like I'm drunk when I 'm walking. He also ask about my vision which I had a little bit of problem focusing. After all the questions and test he brought up MS. I have to have catscan of the brain and lower back also blood work and another emg of my legs. It scared the HELL out of me. I already have RSD, I dont need MS. Just curious if anyone else has been in a similar sitituation. Any thought or advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Nicole
I just recently changed primarys and went for my first visit on Sept 24th. I too, have my RSD spreading and she told me she has never saw it spread like that and has ordered an MRI of my head, neck and back as well. She also dropped the MS bomb on me too, after testing the strength in my hands, etc. I not only am in the same situation, it sounds identical to what I'm going thru. I go for my MRI on the 22nd. I talked to my PM and he said it IS the RSD and to not worry too much, that she is just being very thorough. I also had blood work done as well. So I do know how worried you are because I am a worrier too and do not want or need another horrible disease going on, RSD is quite enough, thank you. I just about fell out in the floor when she said that. I sometimes stumble too when I walk. Do you have RSD in your legs? I do and I think its that causing it, but I could be wrong. I chalk it up to the weakness. So don't worry too much, they just have to rule out stuff I guess before blaming it on RSD. Your Doc is just being thorough as well. Because symptoms of RSD mimicks other things, they just have to make sure. Think positive thoughts and I will too and I guess all we can do is pray and wait and see what happenens. Let me know how it turns out and I'll let you know too, OK?


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