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Hey everyone,
My Dr does the ketamine treatments.. (DR Schwartzman).. Last time I went in for a lidocaine infushion (which ended early do to an allergic reaction).. They were talking about giving me the ketamine treatments.. He does the inpatient and outpatient... He had alot of positive outcomes from this.. Most of his pts feel 50% better or more.. Some of them have to go back for another treatment.. Each pt is differant.. Some can go as long as two yrs before another treatment.. From what they told me.. Its just like the lidocaine infushion.. It makes you very tired.. Its does not damage your heart.. What happens is you need to be closely monitored because it lowers your heart rate to a dangerous level.. The same with the lidocaine infusion.. You have to go through series of evaluations prior. Afterwards you go for booster shots.. Iam seeing him in May.. Thats the only problem with this dr.. He is called the King of RSD around here and he's in high it takes so long to see him.. I hate it.. but I have no choice but to wait...
If you look up Dr Schwartzman and ketamine treatments State it just like that.. You will find alot of information also...

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