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I just had my scs trial removed yesterday. I wasn't bad at all. The worse was cutting the sitches that held the leads in. All I know is that I want it back sooooo bad. My feet and ankles are hurting so much. It seems so much worse since the trial came out. I think it is just because I got about 100% relief. I went to a Home and Garden show Sat, and ended up walking about 3 hrs. My back was killing me, but I could walk, without a cane or anything, and I had real shoes and socks on. It was awsome. Now, I want my machine back lol...I don't know why I waited so long to get the trial. I think I had heard so much on the negative side, that I was afraid it would be horrible. I think it is better than sliced also, everytime my foot/leg hurt, I just changed programs and upped the level. I found that switching programs really helped if I started to hurt. Have you tried that yet? Have fun with it. One nite I started wondering if animals were sensitive to the scs. Sooo, I turned mine up all the way till I couldn't stand it any more. One of my dogs woke up and was looking around at me trying to figure out what had changed. I should have tired it with the horses. Somehow, I don't think the would notice or


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