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Re: RSD Doctors
Oct 24, 2007
John, Dr Alexander Hersel in Thousand Oaks is who I would recommend. I actually see the dermatologist who shares his office and is the best dermatologist I have seen. Anyway, he brought Dr Hersel in to talk to me about the RSD and I really did like him. He specializes in pain management. However, because this is workmanscomp and he isn't a member of the work insurance, I can't go see him, so it was just a free consulation. The name may be familiar to you as he apparently is on tv now and then.
A rheumotologist I highly respect is Dr Steven Weiner in Van Nuys. He is also associated with UCLA. He is very well known for treating fibromyalgia and became somewhat famous for helping and testifying on the behalf of women against breast implants.
I don't know how involved he is in RSD but being extremely smart and compassionate, it would probably be worth a call. If not, I certainly would ask if they can suggest someone and perhaps a tad closer to you. Workmanscomp had sent me to a dr in Thousand Oaks who wanted to do a Ganglion Block but my cardiologist said no. He then wanted to give me a patch that is used to lower blood pressure but helps RSD. He ignored the fact I have low b/p. My cardiologist said no to that also, as he said I would faint. The guy had a real attitude problem so I refused to return to him.
Workmanscomp then sent me to a dr whose main office is in Encino, but goes to Agoura once a week Dr Payam Vahedifar. I saw him once. He is an anethesiologist and trained in pain management. He was conversative and requested a triple phase bone scan to see if I really have RSD. It was negative but then I was told and read the test is only 50% accurate. In the meantime he ordered a cream of linocaine and 2 other ingrediants to apply to my wrist as my RSD is supposedly localized. I will be seeing him again to see what he says now that my test is complete. I often wonder though if the RSD is localized as I have some of the symptoms elsewhere.
Hope this helps

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