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*hugs* I'm sorry to hear you have to deal with this now. I'll tell you what my husband went through, his experience and maybe that'll give you a better idea. Granted he doesn't have RSD, but as long as your docs are knowledgable and take any and all precautions with you to prevent any RSD crud from moving or flaring, it's a great thing.

So hubby's experience with basal cell cancer on his face started with what looked like a couple of pimples. That's what we thought they were and he squeezed them. They didn't heal up for a bit then it looked just like a pimple again. After about the 3rd time of "popping" them, they didn't heal at all. The 2 spots were actual sores that were getting bigger, not smaller. We got him to a doc and he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. The doctor, in his office, scraped a little out of both spots, right beside his eye and beside his nose on the same side, for testing.

The results confirmed his dx and he was scheduled for surgery to remove it. The doctor had said that he was lucky he came in when he did before it got further down into the skin and bone. I did much research and though basal cell won't kill you like the bad skin cancer, it can go down through all layers of skin to the bone and cause damage to skin and bone. Horrible and so scary!

He went in for surgery to the outpatient surgical center at the hospital. Had the usual restrictions, don't eat or drink after, blah the night before, etc, etc. Took him in, got him in a gown, iv started with the stuff that makes you feel funny. Took him back, put him under and the doc then excised both spots of cancer from his face. It had been deep but not real deep. He checked several times to make sure he got it all and took another sample for biopsy to make sure it was free and clear of any cancer.

He was wheeled into recovery to wake up. Once he woke up enough they got him up, iv out and gave him a bit of toast and juice, helped him dress and, of course, I had to drive him home as he was still very groggy.

The one lesson we learned is to NOT touch anywhere near the area that is operated on. He had brushed his face in the shower almost a week after and his face opened up. Good heavens there was blood all over! You'd thought he was dying! Went to ER and they just pulled it together with butterflys and gave him antibiotics just in case. We explained about the cancer and operation so they understood.

Luckily he didn't have to have any kind of skin graft I guess because he had 2 spots but they weren't overly large yet and I'm sorry that you'll have to have it done. *hugs*

I'll be thinking of you and that all goes well, that you recover fast.

I hope his story helps you in some way. It's scary but it's been 8 years and he's had no recurrence of the cancer at all. :D



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