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Re: Sad news
Nov 2, 2007
Michelle 1,
We are like a twin-having the same problem. For now, no more new specialist. I had seen enough docs for this mess. I will narrow the docs to two because the one who is very experienced in treating RSD does not use x-ray guidance for the blocks. I don't feel too comfortable and thus i want to use another one who will do the blocks under guidance. I will focus on treatment for now. I actually had a very short course out patient lidocaine infusion only about an hour and a half. My pain including my pelvic was all gone for about half an hour. I felt so good to be pain free. I felt like I was in heaven. I hate to be in the burning hell all the time. Unfortunately, the pain started to return, no long lasting effects. When you had the inpatient lidocaine infusion, did all your pain go away and having pain free moments for periods of time? I wonder whether i should repeat it and have it longer. The doc also suggested epi for my feet. I have not tried it yet because he is the one doc don't use guidance for the injection. I am currently trying oxygen therapy. It is helping me although my finger tips are still very painful to type. My palms are less dry and stiff and less painful overall. My feet are getting a bit worse-more burning on top. I think my ankles and wrists are now involved. What is your next treatment plan? Were you able to find another doc who can help you bef seeing Dr. S.
Thanks for thinking of me! Take care and have a nice weekend!

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