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So, okay went to PT today for the first time. Had a meeting with them.

I have dealt with the one that did my functional assessment. She seems fine. No problems there. She wants to get all of my body moving, stretching, working. Okay, no prob. I really am stiff and have never felt this rough before. Knew to expect that. I think I will manage for the most part.

The other one. She tested my ROM etc. Okay. Asked me to explain my symptoms to her. I told her that my right leg isn't too bad today, kinda comes and goes but the sensations are all the same as in my other/bad leg. Too much walking and I do feel it in both legs for a couple of days. Also, can't touch either one. Funny thing is that my right leg is acting very similar to the way it oneset in my left leg. At first one minute it hurt and the next it didn't. Now, a couple of weeks later it is a permanently felt pain to touch/pressure (my left leg). I am just waiting for my right side to settle into the same thing. As for my arms, both started one day - burning pain, deep aching, hurt to grab it, which lasted for a few minutes, getting worse with time and then disappears, except the burning. Same thing as my legs. My arm will just ache and throbb. I will get a tingle and a burn up the back of my hands to my finger tips. I also feel it in my back a bit like a burning string placed up the one side of my lower back. When it is acting up I can't lay down or touch my back to anything because it burns worse, which turns into an ache. Comes and goes though.
I was told this doesn't sound like CRPS. It can't spread. It doesn't happen this way. What are you doing to bring this on? You must be doing something... You don't have any hot spots that I can feel right now. There doesn't seem to be any real swelling anywhere....I told her yes it can spread, as to weather it actually is in me, I don't really know, like I said the symptoms are irregular. I would like to believe otherwise and maybe I am loosing my mind. Tell me it is something else. I would be more than happy to know it is something other than CRPS. She asked if I have had any blood work done. I was thinking too many other things when she said this to ask why I would have had blood work done. She said that none of this sounds like CRPS and that something else has to be going on and that none of it sounds related to my initial injury. Oh, and then I wonder if there even was an ankle sprain initially? Or maybe you just have a really slow recovery time...from what???? I am not sure......:mad:
Things carry on....She said strength doesn't seem to be an issue for me really, I just need to get moving, maybe see that psychologist, and keep a journal of what I am eating, maybe see if they can adapt my diet a bit to help speed up or assist in recovery...sure, all good with that. Then...well I don't know what I really can do for you because you don't have swelling or anything....She did mention that she could maybe try some TENS and massage...That what it needs is exactly what it doesn't want to get it desensitized...okay, to some extent...well if there is swelling we can try shocking it by alternating warm and cold water....:nono: ...I told her I don't think so and that just happens to be a little old school way of thinking....she said that she has had plenty of success with it particularly on people worse off than me and that she didn't know where i was getting my information from but that is how it is done and should be done....:(
What do I do? I told my CW about today but haven't heard back from her. Now I know the sense of frustration others here talk about when it comes to PTs and doctors and disbelievers....So, I think I am going to bring in some information for them to read...I am sure they will find contradictory information to support their views but I can try. I just don't even know where to start with them....I'm fuzzy, tired and drained from everything and it has only just begun....don't you get sick of telling people...this is how it happened...this is what hurts, when it hurts....blah blah blah....I am sick of hearing myself talk about it. I don't even want to write things down anymore...just plain sick of all of it....

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